How to build models

From plastic toys and figurines, to massive dioramas and models, it seems that more and more people are willing to jump into the art of buying and building their own models. However, building models is an easy hobby to get into, but a hard one to master.

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Every single model, from a model car to the museum quality ship models in bottles, has the same basic directions and universal tips to ensure they are built and designed correctly. First, always open the box and look at the manual, which will generally contain a list of all the parts. Make sure they are all there, and try to work in an area where fallen parts can be completely recovered.

Then wash the parts in warm water and let them air dry, and once they are done, start cutting the parts out with a hobby knife. Be sure to do so very carefully, as breaking these parts is an expensive thing to replace. File down the sharp-edged sprues with a file as best as you can, and start fitting the parts together.

Ensuring that the parts all fit together and look the same before you start putting glue on them is essential, as you don’t want to make a mistake! Then the model can be painted, and you should have a wide variety of brushes and paints for this purpose.

Be sure you have enough paint to complete the project, take your time, and focus on one section at a time. If you have a car or other wheeled vehicle, paint the wheels first and focus on getting them right. Then paint the sides of the car and then the accessories. Breaking the project into smaller pieces will make it easier to catch mistakes or potential missteps that could mess up your project.