Hay Spear Product Outline & Source & Supply

Hay bale spears of specific use in the farming industry are of good quality. A number of hay bale spear diameters and spear lengths are available to agriculturalists and pastoralists in accordance with their industrial or labor-intensive practices and methods. It is a good idea for the small-scale farmer or rural smallholding owner to have a compact hay spear kit as part of his business’s suite of tools.

hay spear kit

As part of the hay spear assemblage, installation sleeves are built with a cross bolt. There are also tapered sleeves. These have a nut on the spear. The straight sleeve, however, is recommended by the source supplier because the nut on the back of a tapered sleeve can come loose if it has not been properly torqued (down). Spears can be interchanged and used at different lengths in response to the different types of hay bales being produced.

Many of the spears that are manufactured are tapered and fluted to allow for easy spear insertions and removals by the user. A fluted design spear is shaped like an ‘I beam’ in order to give it additional strength and provide it with a streamlined design. The source supplier guarantees the use of hay bale spears for at least one year from the date of purchase. This guarantee holds true just as long as the spears are only being used in the production of hay bales.

Farmers and agri-processors can bring their kits in and have them farmed out if you will. For good order, all returned products are provided with an authorization number. Produced or manufactured hay bale spears are given an industry rating and, by way of example, the 5/8-inch hay bale spear has a load capacity of thirty inches.